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Boost Your Workforce Productivity Faster

Turnkey workforce solutions that deliver business value in just days 

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Get the Answers You Need Now to Improve Employee Performance

Avoid costly, complex and protracted implementations that drain your resources

People Analytics

ThinkSight Paychex Workforce Pulse

Labor Intelligence

ThinkSight Salary and Hiring Trends

Employee Engagement

ThinkSight Engagement Survey

Powerful Insights: AI powered analytics focus on the business impact of talent to help you prioritize your actions.

Speed to Value: Prebuilt metrics, KPIs and forecasting provide you with a new perspective of your workforce on day one.

Easy to Use: Rich in functionality and easy to navigate whether you are a business, finance, HR or data science user.

Secure: Built on the same global security and data privacy infrastructure used by the world’s most demanding companies.

Affordable: Avoids the expensive integrations of complicated software and the internal costs and risks of build from scratch. 

Turnkey Solutions

ThinkSight Tools are available on-demand or within just days to tackle your immediate workforce cost, engagement, and performance challenges.

Find Great Talent that Costs Less with Workforce Market Intelligence

On-demand access to US local market talent supply, demand, wages, diversity data, and hiring trends.

Boost Employee Satisfaction with Engagement Surveys

Measure employee sentiment across 5 engagement categories including Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Measure the Business Impact of Your Workforce with Talent Metrics Handbook

On-demand access to 600+ metrics with formulas, definitions, calculators, and recommended uses.  

Similing Team

Business Value Delivered 

Mid-Market Security Firm

Security Room

Uncovered key drivers of employee turnover linked to recruiting and scheduling resulting in target profit recapture of $10 million annually. 

Government Software Firm

School Building

ThinkSight's embedded analytics delivers financial and workforce analytics and budget reporting to governments and school districts.

Regional Sports Complex

Sport Field

Discovered 88% of revenue and profit was linked to 25% of field schedulers.  Updated scheduler training programs improved bookings by 30% in one year.

We Make it Easy

Out of the box functionality, prebuilt metrics, visuals and data connectors have you up and running in days.

You can begin with a simple connection to your payroll data.

Current ThinkSight Technology Integrations
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ThinkSight gets to the root of problems:

You will discover:

What's happening?

Basic reporting software can produce historical data, but that information in a vacuum isn’t very helpful.  ThinkSight shows your workforce performance against prior period, your target KPIs, and industry benchmarks so you always know how you stack up.

Why is it happening?

People are complex and there are usually multiple reasons behind employee performance and decisions to leave or stay. ThinkSight looks at the whole picture to pinpoint the reasons that contribute to your employee’s choices and the resulting business impact.

What should I do about it?

ThinkSight provides actionable insights to guide the changes you should consider in order to solve your workforce challenges and propel your business in the right direction.

How does it impact my business?

We know making big decisions is hard, especially when it involves people. That’s why ThinkSight projects the impact of workforce changes on your bottom line so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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