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US Retailer

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Uncovered non-monetary drivers of turnover, reducing attrition by 35% with minimal pay changes saving $15 million a year.

Global Business Services

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Identified top salespeople characteristics and adjusted hiring criteria, resulting in a $260 million annual sales performance gain.

US Health Care

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Discovered 80% of attrition linked to 30% of managers. Corrected behaviors resulted in a 40% increase in retention saving $12 million a year.

Make smarter, faster talent decisions that improve your bottom line.

ThinkSight™ gets to the root of problems for your success

You will discover:

What's happening?

Basic reporting software can produce historical data, but that information in a vacuum isn’t very helpful.  ThinkSight™ shows your workforce performance against prior period, your target KPIs, and industry benchmarks so you always know how you stack up.

Why is it happening?

People are complex and there are usually multiple reasons behind employee performance and decisions to leave or stay. ThinkSight™ looks at the whole picture to pinpoint the reasons that contribute to your employee’s choices and the resulting business impact.

What should I do about it?

ThinkSight™ provides actionable insights to guide the changes you should consider in order to solve your workforce challenges and propel your business in the right direction.

How does it impact my business?

We know making big decisions is hard, especially when it involves people. That’s why ThinkSight™ projects the impact of workforce changes on your bottom line so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Pre-built, AI-Powered, and Future Ready


Improves Your Bottom Line:  Uniquely developed to uncover and measure the business impact of critical talent decisions.

Breadth and Depth:  AI-powered analytics, KPIs, labor market data, and a metrics guide support the complete talent life cycle.  

Easy to Use:  Rich in functionality, ThinkSight™ is business user friendly with the analytics horsepower for data science teams.

Speed to Value:  Actionable insights available on day 1 with prebuilt metrics, data visualizations, and data connectors.

Secure:  Built on the same global security and data privacy infrastructure used by the world’s most demanding organizations.

Affordable:  Avoids the expensive integrations of complicated software and the costs and risks of build from scratch.