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Improve Your Bottom Line with ThinkSight and Paychex Flex® 

People Analytics & Performance Toolkit Designed for Paychex Flex®

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Built for Business Impact:  Uniquely developed to track the business impact of workforce performance and spending. 

Answers Critical Workforce Questions: Track performance with AI-powered analytics and KPIs. Measure engagment with  employee surveys. Compare salaries with pay and hiring data.

Secure, Automated Connection to Paychex API:  Data comes direct to ThinkSight from Paychex API. 

Affordable: Choose annual or quarterly subscriptions with no implementation fee. Save time replacing manual spreadsheets.

Avoid Complex Integrations
Realize Value in Just a Few Days

Since ThinkSight is prebuilt and accesses data directly through Paychex Flex ®, you can be solving your talent-driven business challenges in days.

See What's Included
For employers with 50 to 1,000+ employees

People Analytics

Workforce Central:  Track overall workforce performance and labor cost changes with KPIs. 

Headcount and Compensation: See composition, trends and emerging insights.

Hires & Terminations: Understand the costs and flow of hires and terminations. Get ahead of risks  by learning why people choose to stay or leave. 

Workforce Diversity:  View your workforce by gender and ethnicity across jobs and locations
 to achieve your DE&I goals .

ThinkSight Paychex Workforce Central
ThinkSight Salary and Hiring Trends

Workforce Market Intelligence

Get on-demand access to current pay rates, talent supply, and diversity data at the US local market.

Workforce Planning

Align talent strategy with business forecasts and model workforce spending to achieve financial goals.

ThinkSight Paychex Workforce Planning
ThinkSight Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Surveys

Calculate employee Net Promoter Score and engagement to identify potential workplace risks and boost performance.

Talent Metrics Handbook

Measure and improve your Workforce ROI with 11 categories of talent metrics across operations and planning.

ThinkSight Metrics

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