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Get Answers When You Need Them

Access wage and hiring data, talent metrics, and engagement surveys on demand.


Market Intelligence

Find Great Talent that Costs Less

ThinkSight™ Workforce Market Intelligence provides US local market talent supply, demand, cost, and diversity data on demand.

- Map the best locations for key talent

- Benchmark supply, demand, cost and diversity

- Compare locations to build or expand operations

- Track current demand with wage and hiring trends

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Workforce Intelligence Page

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Talent Metrics Handbook

Measure the Impact of Talent on your Business

ThinkSight™ Talent Metrics provides 600+ metrics on-demand with formulas, definitions, calculators, and recommended uses. 

- Identify business critical talent metrics and KPIs

- Explore advanced metrics to uncover business value

- Improve data-driven talent management capabilities

- Educate teams on best practice metrics and usage​

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Talent Metrics


Engagement Survey

Boost Your Performance

ThinkSight™ Engagement Survey measures employee sentiment across 5 categories to identify risks, make changes and boost business performance.

- Outsourced digital survey and analytics solution  

- Measures employee sentiment in 5 categories

- Calculates Employee Net Promoter Score

- Delivers analytic insights from essential questions

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Employee Engagement Survey Page


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