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Measure and Improve Workforce Productivity
with Talent Metrics Handbook

ThinkSight Metrics Handbook

600+ HR metrics and KPIs to help you:

  • Identify workforce cost and value drivers

  • Track your employee turnover and engagement

  • Measure your recruiting effectiveness

  • Deliver data-driven people management

  • Educate your teams on HR metrics best practice

Boost the Business Impact of Your Workforce

Find Your Workforce Value Drivers

Find key drivers of labor costs and workforce value with advanced HR metrics to build your Human Capital Analytics strategy.

Build an HR Scorecard and discover talent insights with key metrics and HR KPIs such as cost per hire, high performer employee turnover, return on human capital investment, recruiting effectiveness, and more.

ThinkSight Metrics

A Valuable Resource for HR and Finance Professionals

Get on-demand access to an extensive library of critical and best in class metrics across 11 categories with formulas, descriptions, and calculators.

 Operating Metrics

  • Recruiting & Hiring

  • Engagement

  • Turnover & Retention

  • Leadership & Development

  • Labor Spend Optimization

Planning Metrics

  • Productivity & Performance

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Headcount & Structure

  • Mobility & Career Development

  • Training

  • HR & Center of Excellence

ThinkSight Metrics Handbook

Select Best in Class Metrics for HR and Business Goals

Search for specific metrics or filter by insight level and metric type across operating and planning categories to achieve your HR and business goals.

Browse advanced and custom calculations to help you measure and improve areas such as total cost of workforce (TCOW), voluntary employee turnover rates, quality of hires, HR value delivery, employee engagement, and training effectiveness.

Apply Confidently with Formulas and Best Usage

Each metric includes the formula, description, most common and best uses, and links to related metrics.

Use the interactive calculator to calculate your turnover rates, employee net promoter rate, average cost of turnover, manager span of control, and much more.

ThinkSight Metrics Net Promoter Rate Metric

We Make it Easy

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Talent and HR Metrics

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