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Recharge your Recruiting Strategy

Highly qualified? Check!

A team player? Check!

Adds value to your bottom line? Check, check, check!

If you’re having a tough time hiring your ideal candidate, you’re not alone.

With ongoing labor shortages and a teetering economy, finding the perfect employee can be a struggle. Try these five tips to recharge your recruiting results:

  1. Let data drive. To bring in the best talent for your organization, start by understanding the traits and recruiting sources of your best hires — and why they choose to stay or go. Reveal relevant insights and quickly improve your recruiting results with analytics powered by your company’s standard payroll data. Add more HR data later to further refine your recruiting strategy.

  2. Consider alternative locations. If hybrid or remote work is part of your talent strategy, you may find a greater supply of similar or better talent for less in lower cost locations. Attracting, retaining, and managing remote workers brings its own set of challenges, but the benefits can make it worthwhile.

  3. Get serious about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Many companies say they are open and welcoming to all applicants, but few target their recruiting efforts toward underserved applicant groups. Adjust your recruiting strategy to locate and attract these largely untapped talent pools.

  4. Highlight your employees. Showcase your employee experience on social media and your company website. Promote your company culture and show appreciation for your current employees. People want to work with good people and know their work will be appreciated. Highlight your existing team members to attract future ones.

  5. Make it easy for candidates to find answers. Add an FAQ section and an AI chatbot to your career page. This will help candidates get quick answers to their questions and remove unnecessary work from your to-do list.

Show the labor shortage who’s boss. Recharge your recruiting strategy to find the right talent — at the right price — in no time.

Visit for more on people analytics to empower smarter, faster talent decisions that improve your bottom line.



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