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Workforce Market Intelligence

Find Great Talent that Costs Less 

ThinkSight™ Workforce Market Intelligence provides on-demand access to talent supply, demand, cost, occupation, and diversity at the US local market level.

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Select specific job titles, job families or locations to assess talent demand, see current wages, and view emerging hiring trends.


See what companies are hiring and what they are paying with market trends in experience, education, and remote vs. in-office.


View the interactive maps to locate the best talent areas. Dynamically benchmark talent supply and cost by occupation and location.

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Use the location optimizer to identify and compare the best locations to build, expand, or relocate key occupations in your workforce.

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Support your diversity intitiative with talent supply data by race, gender, occupation, and location. View the interactive maps to locate the regions with the talent supply that best supports your goals. 

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Workforce Intelligence
Single User
$299 / user / month

(billed annually)

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Workforce Intelligence
5+ Users
$249 / user /
(billed annually)

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