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COVID-19 Worksite Vaccination and Testing Tracker (VAXTrac)

Simplified Vaccination and Testing Administration

If your organization has a COVID-19 worksite vaccination and testing policy, you know that administration and recordkeeping can be complex and costly.

VAXTrac provides a low cost, automated recordkeeping and reporting solution for COVID-19 worksite vaccination and testing programs that are voluntary or mandated by federal, state, or local authorities.


As an example, some federal and state mandates require impacted employers to do the following or face financial penalties: 


  • Create a list showing the vaccination status of each employee, obtain proof of vaccination and maintain these records.

  • Ensure that each employee who is not fully vaccinated is tested for COVID-19 at least weekly.

  • Require employees to promptly provide notice when they receive a positive COVID-19 test or are diagnosed with COVID-19. 

  • Remove from the workplace any employee who received a positive COVID-19 test or is diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • Ensure that employees who are not fully vaccinated wear a face covering indoors and when in a vehicle with another person for work.

  • Provide each employee with information about the requirements and workplace policies and procedures.

  • Make records available to an employee or an employee representative for examination and copying.


VAXTrac provides a fully automated solution to ensure compliance with voluntary and government policies. Key features include:

  • Easy-to-use employee self-service to:

  • Self-register 

  • Upload scans of vaccination cards

  • Schedule COVID tests and upload results

  • Download policy & compliance documents

  • Automated workflow for outreach, reminders, and confirmations

  • Separate database to track employee vaccination & testing status

  • Standard and ad hoc compliance reporting

  • On-line repository for COVID-19 policy documentation

  • Robust forms and letter generation for COVID-19 communications

  • Payroll / HRIS interface to load/update information


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